Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yahoo, gmail and hotmail have beta versions, will they be around forever or should i not use them?

as far as i know yahoo has beta mail... you can still have the old version.. if you like..there is no beta gmail or beta hotmail.

I have been using hotmail and yahoo for the last 6 years...
Yahoo, gmail and hotmail have beta versions, will they be around forever or should i not use them?
I would advise against using Hotmail.
Reply:Beta software is a program that hast reached its final stage of development. Beta software is often offered to the public to use, for the program designers to get feedback on issues with the software so they can fix it......Often beta software has bugs that can cause issues with your computer, this software is usually recommended for the more savvy user......and not recommended for the typical user, as it can cause problems with your PC......
Reply:Beta products like that may stay BETA for awhile until one they feel that the service is ready or if they ever to decide to make it a pay version. GMAIL your best bet .... Google aint going anywhere for a long time
Reply:Yahoo Mail Beta doesn't support all browsers for now (it's because it's using Web 2.0 standard which not all browsers adapted to yet... Konqueror is one of them for example). It has minor bugs but from the looks of things they will release the final version pretty soon.

Hotmail Beta, also named Live Mail is available only in some countries and support only IE for now.. It received bad reviews so I won't encourage you to use it.. I've seen the reviews but never had the chance of using it though..

Google Mail is simple but it does the job and it's very fast! You can even communicate directly with your online contacts which are using gmail also... No need for IM.
Reply:as far as i know, "beta" is a trial version of an update that they are trying to make.

for the yahoo, you could switch back to the original if you don't like it

Which is old? yahoo!,hotmail,gmail?

Of those three I think hotmail is the oldest, then yahoo and finally gmail. Is that what you mean to ask?
Which is old? yahoo!,hotmail,gmail?


Reply:1. Hotmail started in 1995

2. Yahoomail started in 1997

3. Gmail started in 2004

From Azhar
Reply:yahoo is the eldest one !

The best email provider? GMail vs Hotmail?

Taking into consideration, security, functionality and usability - what email do you recommend?
The best email provider? GMail vs Hotmail?
About GMail vs Hotmail can be read in
Reply:I think Hotmail is better because you get a skydrive. A skydrive allows you to store up to 25 gigabytes of files.
Reply:those two are competing to see who sends more spams to their users (drugs, viagra, porn). If you dont want to get flooded with all this kind of stuff stay put with yahoo. It can gives you headaches sometimes, but at least the spam is nothing compare to gmail and hotmail
Reply:i would go Yahoo or if you just picking between Gmail and Hotmail i would go with Gail
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This would be the opposite of what he wants to do, he wants to forward hotmail TO gmail?

So what is the problem? Is there a question?
This would be the opposite of what he wants to do, he wants to forward hotmail TO gmail?
To forward hotmail to gmail, use GMAIL's mail fetcher.

Go to settings(in gmail) %26gt; Accounts%26gt; Add new account and type your old hotmail or anyother id. You are done...

Which one is best mail id? gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, or any other?

which one is best mail id? gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, or any other? i want to keep mails in a saprate foldere which are receiving from a single user. is there any option in gamil or not?
Which one is best mail id? gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, or any other?
Personally I love hotmail and use it as my dominant email address .
Reply:hotmail is pretty good, yahoo too.......

i've heard of a lot of people having problems with gmail.

"rediffmail", never heard of..

You can use it with Outlook and Outlook Express. This comes in really handy for storing contacts locally, sending lots of attachments and responding to email links on websites.

....invaluable when you're looking for a job.
Reply:I don't know about gmail but I would definitely suggest comcast. You can make folders and there are spam filters, an auto-reply and auto-forward option, and a mailbox manager. Not to mention there are new clips, t.v. clips, movie trailers, and other clips about just about ever topic under the sun.
Reply:all i know is that hotmail is really good at attaching files ...
Reply:YAHOO !!! i got it lol
Reply:From your question itself I can answer that we both are the users of YAHOO mail ID. And importantly a person use an item/facility continiuously for a long time, it indicate your love and trust in that.

Therefore, I like YAHOO ID and is not for any trial with any other mail ID, unless %26amp;otherwise I meet with any undesirable or inconveniences with them. Too much folders, too much interferences. You are alone the champion to decide the options indicated in your question. I have indicated the trust I have in YAHOO mail and you may consider or not is your own decision.
Reply:I've used Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and the client Outlook.

I use Gmail, because it seems to be the best for me.

If you wanted a client you can look here:
Reply:yahoo and just have to add a folder!
Reply:i do yahoo not nessesarily cause its the best but because that is what ive used for years
Reply:i like hotmaill
Reply:Yahoo because you get access to other yahoo services, like Yahoo music, omg!, and lots of other stuff
Reply:all r cool,

but m addicted to yahoo, it got all the features i need

think gmail does have the feature

Gmail,yahooo,hotmail which is the best email provider.........?

which provider do u think is best email provider....
Gmail,yahooo,hotmail which is the best email provider.........?
All are Best, I am using all of them.
Reply:Let's leave hotmail out of this altogether. Gmail may have unlimited storage, and you can chat from within your mailbox, but in trying to be too userfriendly it somehow ends up annoying.

I love my Yahoo mail system not only coz of its own functionality but also coz with one id you can access all the other Y! services. But I don't care for what they've done with the beta version.....don't know why they want to appear like outlook, and didn't find any great advantage, so am sticking with the old one for good.
Reply:I use all... Yahoo!,GMail and HotMail
Reply:I love using Yahoo mail. This is my main personal mail account.

I keep Gmail for subscribing to junk sites ;-)

I hate the way replies are stored on gmail. Makes it difficult to search for my mails.

I use Hotmail for applying jobs.

Makes sense ..doesnt it ?? ;-)
Reply:G-Mail. FAST. FREE. RELIABLE. Massive Storage.
Reply:Obviously Gmail.....

experience it. Good features n fast...

yahoo has many complaints these days.
Reply:yahoo is the best

Does your ISP, email provider (AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, etc) read your emails?

i need definitive answers, not "I think so" or "I dont know" please.
Does your ISP, email provider (AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, etc) read your emails?
Not as far as I know, well I don't really want people knowing my buisness!
Reply:no if they do that is viloating your rights go to privacy Report Abuse

Reply:yes wtf for i hot nof clue.
Reply:Not unless a court has ordered them to do so.

No one has the time or inclination to read millions of emails when they could be out golfing, ya know??
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