Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gmail, hotmail, sbcglobal, or yahoo?

SO what e-mail provider do you like best and why??

easy to use, fun themes, etc etc.

I'm thinking of getting another e-mail address.
Gmail, hotmail, sbcglobal, or yahoo?
i feel that gmail provides the quickest services, and provides a lot of easy to use tools for editing documents and such. its very user friendly, and new tools are coming out all the time. just last week they added a delayed send feature. if you send your email and you change your mind (ie you sent it to the wrong person) you can cancel it a short time after you send it. (if i had that feature a few years back i would still have the same girlfriend from Jr high, I'd probably be married to her)

also, you get igoogle, its a google search page thats customized with any gadgets or links you want, with a LOT of VERY cool themes. like any city skyline in the US that changes based on what time of day it is
Reply:gmail in my opion

even tho gmail is still in beta (and prob will be for a while because of their "standards") it is still really good

it has themes

labs (beta stuff)

search (through your mail)

and a whole pile of other good stuff thats actually useful

and it has around 7gigs of storage

hope that helps
Reply:i have hotmail, gmail and yahoo. i use each account for different things.

friends, business, etc. hotmail should do a better job of keeping out spam. i always have a lot of stuff in the junk folder with hotmail.
Reply:Gmail, Hands Down!
Reply:use hotmail....its faster and even reliable...

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